Vchod do společnosti Ligma

LIGMA spol. s r.o. was founded in 1992 in Litomyšl. It is a Czech company. At the time of commencement the company focused mainly on manufacture of the products of plastic film.

During first two years of operation the production increased a lot and the company became an integral part of the existing market with school and office supplies in the Czech Republic.

For the production was constantly expanding, larger production space was needed, that is why the company moved to Vysoké Mýto in 1995.

In 1997, the company was very severely damaged by the secondary effects of floods in the Czech Republic and Germany. Therefore it was necessary to reconsider current raw material suppliers, and purchasers of products, including the production program. In 1998, the development of a comprehensive range of packaging for school textbooks and workbooks was completed and subsequently patented, since then these products have prevailed in processing of plastic films.

In 1999, the company started developing and later serial production of special metal-rubber sandwich conjunction joints for construction industry. Own completely innovative and unique technology in the world is being used. Until now, the company is a unique manufacturer of this assortment on the world market.

In early 2006, the company began the production of cladding and structural building panels, sold under the brand name LIGHT-BOARD. These sandwich panels are made of polystyrene foam with a solid surface layer of a unique mixture of polymer and filler, which is reinforced with glass fiber nets. It is widely used in building industry, particularly in construction and reconstruction. Accompanying program of the panels LIGHT-BOARD is own low-expansion foam, and adhesive for polystyrene. LIGMA is currently the only one producer of this assortment in the Czech Republic.

In 2007, the company included processing of aluminium profiles for production of door, windows, conservatories etc. into its program.

In mid-2009, the company installed profiling line for production of construction profiles made of stainless steel scrolls for both wall and floor tiles, as well as profiles for the production of stainless steel expansion elements. In terms of production capacity LIGMA became the largest producer in the Czech Republic; the vast majority of production is intended for export abroad.

The company has a sufficient mechanical and technical background; special machines for most non-standard production were produced by company's own means.